#SoCS: Sorority Sister-in-Law

So I have a sister-in-law who likes to quietly and with master manipulation sow seeds of discord between my family and myself, particularly my brother. I would like to sew her 20-something mean sorority girl ass mouth shut, sit her down and explain to her that she has emotional issues.

She and I had a brief FB messenger discussion in which I chided her for some of her statements. I made some factual statements about my relationship with my parents and she told me she disagreed. Who is so ignorant and egotistical that they would explain to someone else about their 30-year relationship with two other people, especially since she’s been around for like, um, none of it? Dumbass.

I did not express this to her in this manner and she still got so upset she wouldn’t have any contact with me for 6 months, even though I reached out to her 3 different times. Once I even told her a story of when Hillary Clinton was in another country and the prime minister was having to work with parliament members who used to be rebels and had tried to take her life. This woman still sat down at the table with these men and tried to bring about democracy in her country. If she could do that, I reasoned with my sister-in-law, than surely we could talk through our differences.


Grow the fuck up.

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Dear Hillary

You told us we needed a champion in the White House. We still do. You promised you would fight for us if we fought for you. We NEED you to fight now; to dare to compete.

In 2004, I was part of a group that pushed for you to be president but you were not ready to run. I was only age 21. In 2008, after it became clear your primary victory wouldn’t be a shoo in, I had invested years and yeas in my education, earning two BAs, an MA and was in my last year of law school, but I dropped my semester to run around the country for your campaign.

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Yes, I had a first this last 2 weeks: the worst migraine I’ve ever had in my life. It went on for 3 days crippling me, making me as useless as the Trump transition team. When it was finally over, a day later another came on and I went to the doctor who gave me a shot and some relief for a little while. Now I am going daily to the doctor for shots for migraines because I am terrified for this country.


They have already declared war on me and every other woman in this country and I’ll have you know I declare war back. That’s right. I believe in equality and if I have to hack at patriarchy one person at a time I’ll do so. I’m one Nasty Feminist.

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