SoCS: Roommates suck!

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “ex.” Find a word that includes “ex” and base your post on it. Have fun!


There is huge business around here renting out rooms. I intermittently rent out a room or two myself but always end up regretting it. Then I do it again. My current tenants hate my cat. They are allowed to hate my cat but they must do so quietly. Let’s put it this way, they are moving out in a few weeks because they bothered me so much about the cat.

They are a couple and the woman (girl) in particular was obsessive, and I mean completely and totally obsessive, about extra cat hair delusions. Yes, my cat sheds. But she is not a long-haired cat–please check the rest of my blog for pics of #hillarythecat–and the shedding is minimal. I’m also a clean person. However, every morning before I could even get out of bed this woman was sweeping up imaginary extra cat hair on the floor and SLAMMING the broom against my door. Obviously, she wanted to live in the street.

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The Mail Tag

I’m grateful for a family that brought me up with class, dignity, manners, and respect. And that all those political debates over dinner taught me how to win one without ever calling anyone a name or a four-letter word.


I’m grateful for education. More grateful than I could ever express and the most grateful of all for that Women’s Studies course (that I thought was a history class) that rocked my world and truly showed me what discrimination and bigotry are and how they exist in the world–in my world–in the here and now.


My dream job would be the Hillary Clinton For President’s Top Social Media Adviser. Of course I would be out of work in 98 days . . .


If I could travel anywhere right now, it would be to super artsy Vancouver. Plus I hear there is tons of stuff to do and I know some people currently vacationing there.



I don’t need a fantasy pet. I already have the BEST. PET. EVER. #hillarythecat Featured below sleeping on my pillow when I was exhausted and all I wanted to do was sleep on my pillow.


Nothing annoys me more than guys who I don’t know well direct messaging me on Facebook to say “hello.” If you have something of value to say, that’s different, but there are plenty of online dating sites out there, I suggest you join one and leave me the hell alone.


Believe it or not, I am probably the only person alive with no official “Bucket List.” Liked the movie but it did not inspire me to make a list.


1. I am grateful to have such wonderful sliblings.

2. My dream job is to be an Author.

3. LAS VEGAS! I just need some fun right now and I bet I will when I am in Vegas.

4. Huskies! They are just so adroable.

OMG they are all so cute! I WANT THEM ALL!

Hey there buddy. How are ya doin?

5. I bite;)

6. To go to the San Deigo Comic Con!!! I want visit all the panels and get to meet all my favourite Authors and Actors. And make new friends!


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SoCS: Stream of Consciousness Saturday…in that one second…

***This post is part of SoCS: ‘Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “second.” Use it any way you’d like. Have fun!’ (Hill, Linda G., 7/22/16)***

The first thought that came to my mind regarding the word ‘second’ was second place and my childhood. The swim meets, basketball games, volleyball games, all sports played at a competitive level at a high priced, snooty, private Christian school. But we didn’t come in second place. I didn’t come in second place. It’s all about the win.

My mind has moved on to that one second two nights ago that–that half a second, really–where I stepped the wrong way.

Déjà vu is coming upon me because last week I wrote if I had basically just taken a minute to do something else, my back wouldn’t be injured, and today if I had not just stepped the wrong way in that second my face wouldn’t look like this:


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Maybe You Have Not Been Terrorized

I am an American. A White American. I obey the law, I spend a lot of time doing normal things. I used to have a bad drinking problem but I wasn’t someone who became violent when I drank. I have been terrorized, taunted, disrespected, and otherwise treated like trash by the police. Quite frankly, I can’t stand law enforcement and I am very numb to their tragedies.

People might think this is an insensitive time to write this, but people die every day and we are in the middle of a national tragedy and a national discussion.


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