Bleeding Heart

I wish I knew who this was for . . .

From The Inside Out

It feels like my heart is bleeding;
it’s being torn into a million pieces, pleading.

I’m staring at the ceiling,
trying to pin-point this feeling.

I see the dark and the light,
the heart and the fight behind your beautiful eyes.
Despite all of those painful lies and goodbyes.

And I’m trying to shake off this pain,
Forget what I felt and remain in my lane.
Yet, I sit here and think;
feeling that little drop when I blink.
Because I think about your touch,
and how I like it a bit too much;
I think about your hands,
and all of their possible plans;
I think about your lips,
and how I’d feel when we kiss.

But then I think some things are better off undone
I get the feeling we should hit the pavement and run

Are we lonely, bored, or just having fun?
Is it the attention…

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