Defunding Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood has gone through a lot, including what I call “fetaltissuegate”. My esteemed Gov. of Florida, Rick Scott, outright lied to the media and the citizens of Florida about them selling fetal tissue. When the facts did not meet his lie, according to Salon writer, Bob Cesca, citing a Politico article, Scott, in a not-so-stunning act of corruption merely deleted the facts.

Scott’s own AHCA delivered to his office a press release:

‘There is no evidence of the mishandling of fetal remains at any of the 16 clinics we investigated across the state.’

Members of Scott’s own office claim to have been shocked. And despite the fact that he was called out by a litany of sources and clearly caught red-handed trying to scrub information that would have cleared Planned Parenthood, whaddya think happened next? He was called upon by the Florida Family to Council to (*gasp*) defund Planned Parenthood and started pushing his bright red state legislature to do so.

Rick Cooley tells you more about it:

Rcooley123's Blog

As the clock runs out for Congress to pass legislation funding the Federal Government beyond the end of the fiscal year on September 30, elements of the majority Congressional Republicans are seeking to once again hold America hostage by threatening to shut the government down if they cannot defund Planned Parenthood. This is a smaller subset of their multiple attempts (well over 50 so far) to repeal the entire Affordable Care Act, but an important one in light of the people who would be harmed most by their succeeding in this endeavor – poor women.

Planned Parenthood has for years provided quality health care for women throughout the country on an affordable basis. This includes all aspects of women’s reproductive health care as well as cancer screening and other preventive health care. A small percentage of their business consists of providing abortions, none of which can be paid for by…

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