25 Things I Would Love To Eat

My own 25 foods I miss because I can’t make them, only mom can, they aren’t in this area, or I’m too lazy to go out and get them:

1. Mom’s pot roast with potatoes, gravy, carrots, onions, and yeast rolls
2. Chris Riddel’s deluxe mac n’ cheese — an all day cooking affair
3. My Grandmother’s sausage, bacon, eggs, and buttered toast breakfast, usually with tater tots, and greasy as you would expect from a long time Southern cook.
4. REAL New York pizza…and more than one slice, lol.
5. My Mom’s homemade Swedish meatballs with onions inside and bran muffins
6. Hot dogs at a TB Rays game.
7. My Uncle’s spaghetti sandwich’s at 3;00 a.m.
8. Carrabbas’ Margherita Pizza — fresh mozzarella, roma tomato’s and fresh basil.
9. Arby’s roast beef n’cheddar sandwich with Arby’s AND horsey sauce plus curly fries squished in. [**I’m very health conscious]
10. Stuckey’s Pecan Log Roll from a SC road stop
11. Lo Mein noodles, vegetarian eggrolls, ad sweet n’ sour chicken from the best Chinese restaurant EVER in Dunedin, FL.
12. Any meal with the old version of my little brother.
13. Homemade Pecan Pie
14. Homemade Banana Creme Pie
15. Homemade Key Lime Pie
15. Butterscotch ice cream, corn flakes, or onion sandwich’s with my Grandmother.
16. Shorty’s hot dogs and hamburgers in Reidsville, NC.
17. A spinach and swiss egg white omelette.
18. Mom’s homemade chicken pot pie.
19. Dad’s spaghetti and meat sauce with garlic bread.
20. Banana bread toasted for breakfast.
21. Fresh, warm sourdough bread anytime.
22. A tuna fish sub on wheat bread with provolone cheese, green peppers, onions, pickles, jalapenos, mustard, salt and pepper…and no significant other anywhere around;)
23. Carrabbas’ fettuccine alfredo, with their chicken soup, fresh ground black pepper added, sour dough bread with herbs; no desert needed, but a couple bites of cheesecake wouldn’t kill me.
25. Olive Garden’s endless soup, salad and breadstick lunch, payed for with my father’s platinum visa and of course, an extra generous tip left. Thanks Dad!

It was the last meal I had with my brother, sister and I all together while she was still alive, paid for as I just described, courtesy of my little bro’s access to his card and mischievous grin.

I miss you both. Anna for her lack of physical presence and Philip for the carefree spirit that left him when she left us. Food really IS tied up into all kinds of emotions and memories.

From The Inside Out

1. Lobster mac-and-cheese (Boston Beer Garden)
2. Chicken, rice, broccoli, ranch dressing, parmesan cheese (made by my step-dad)
3. Chicken cheesesteak (Joey’s pizza)
4. Burrito (Felipe’s)
5. Chocolate cream pie (made by my mommy)
6. Sweet-n-sour chicken, a.k.a. “puffy chicken” (nearest Chinese place)
7. Chocolate chip pancakes (IHOP)
8. Chocolate collision ice cream (Edy’s)
9. Cheese-stuffed crust pizza (Pizza Hut)
10. Pigs in a blanket
11. Grilled cheese
12. London broil with soy sauce
13. Brownie a la mode (Apply Valley Restaurant)
14. Buffalo Chicken Pizza
15. Fried Alligator
16. Crab legs with lots of butter
17. Broccoli & Cheese soup (Panera)
18. Double Stuf Oreos – Birthday flavor
19. Crunchy Ranch Snack Wrap (McDonald’s)
20. Cream of mushroom chicken


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