#BlackLivesMatter: intersectionality.or.nothing

#StellarCorpse | Wisdom From The Stars

(Tiana and Rapunzel were cropped out cri)
I think amab nb folk, nb PoC, and male/female passing nb folk (whether they want to pass or not) don’t get enough recognition. nb folk in general don’t get enough recognition, but that’s for another post. the poster child for nonbinary people is a androgynous, colourful haired, white, skinny person. I’m guilty of being that person, although I’m not androgynous. I’m, unfortunately for me, female passing and it’s very rare for someone to call me he or even they. nonbinary PoC, male/female passing nb folk, amab nb folk, y’all are still beautiful, y’all are completely valid. – Poseidon

#antiableism #blacklivesmatter #intersectionalfeminism #intersectionality #intersectional #prochoice #prolgbtqia #proislam #antihate #antibigotry #prosaga

by intersectionality.or.nothing


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