Paris, Our Hearts Grieve for You

This is a gorgeous piece of comfort, hope, and empathy that I could not ignore. Should we feel angry? Seek revenge? Feel self-righteous and enraged? There is a time for everything.

Like the author, I believe there is a time to just ‘Weep with those who weep.’

Weep with those who weep.


129 or more dead. How can we handle more news of violent terrorist attacks? The pictures, the videos, panicked people fleeing a concert hall, bullet holes in glass, the flowers, the candles, the mourners, the sorrows. How can there be more violent terrorist attacks? We wait for a reprieve. We wait.

My sister-in-law’s friend stuck in DFW airport after her plane couldn’t/didn’t take off for Paris. She had tickets for the Moulin Rouge. Headed for Vegas instead. My husband, daughter and friends took the Chunnel to Paris 2 summers ago. Before terror was a Parisian threat. Glad they went when they did. Now, no place to go. Now, no place to travel. President Obama calls it an attack on the civilized world. France’s fighter planes already headed towards Syria. Something inside of me cheers.Raqqa_3501662b

Now what?

Paris walks in fear? The very emotion terrorists hope…

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One thought on “Paris, Our Hearts Grieve for You

  1. kiwinana

    Yes, very sad what is happening to the world, I feel for all who are suffering for these terrorist crimes, walking in fear, what is around the corner? who knows, it can be anywhere around the world. So sad.

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