The 4 World-Rocking Blogs That Never Fail To Entertain

1) My All Time FAVORITE:

From The Inside Out: An inmate’s experience

This blog is actually written from INSIDE Lowell Correction Institution, Florida’s largest women’s prison. The posts are sent to a family member on the outside who runs the nuts and bolts of the blog and the finished product is printed off and mailed back to the inmate for her to see. All content is written by the inmate, though. Read more about this in Behind the Blog: How it Works.

If you would like to connect with her directly and tell her how awesome, talented and graceful she is in a very hard, extreme set of circumstances, or just to comment to her via mail on one of her blog pieces, there is a place to sign up and do so on the blog.

2) The King of Great Politics:

Rcooley123’s blog: Just another site

I discovered this political and social gem on Twitter and have not been able to stop reading since. Mr. Rick Cooley shows he has a sense of humor, too, just in his title for this is NOT just another blog site. It is a wealth of educational, political, social, economic, and environmental information. In an election year, if one is looking to be educated on the issues, look no further than this blog. He mixes all this illumination in with a dark, dry humor that is a can’t miss.

3) Writer Extraordinaire

Rebecca Tinnelly: Emerging author, writing enthusiast, book obsessive

I came across this wonderful, humorous, and loquacious author from the #MondayBlogs hashtag on Twitter and we will get to exactly what that is in blog #4. She is inspirational without blowing sunshine up your ass; humorous without being too sarcastic and turning her blog into a comedy club that wouldn’t fit it; well written with a great mix of vocabulary but the kind of writing that could still be understood by someone who doesn’t read often or write at all.

She is balance. And we all know, moderation is never an easy thing. She never ceases to fascinate me and I never find myself just skimming her  pieces. TInelly’s writing is like a beautiful sunset one cannot look away from. If you only follow a few blogs, make sure this is one of them.

4) Being A MARVELOUS Neighbor

BadReadhead Media: Optimizing Social Media & Amazon for Maximum Exposure and Sales

This blog embodies the very point of this post: sharing the love. It has a major feature entitled #MondayBlogs in which you can put your blog post on Twitter ANY time on a Monday with this hashtag and it will not only be retweeted by them, most likely, but often by others. It gives you a chance to read, comment on and retweet hundreds of new blogs. There’s nothing like it that I’m aware of out there.

Along with that they share great tips on tons of significant things for bloggers: social media, marketing, blogging basics, resources, advertising, engagement strategy and even a #sex abuse chat. This is a wealth of information for the new blogger or one who’s been in the game for awhile, even someone looking to push a book or article. Don’t miss out!

What are your top four? How about just one? I’m ALWAYS looking for the next outstanding blog!







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