Watch Out For Blogging University 101 of Hidden Selling

I’m doing an assignment for a little Blogging 101, I mean, Buy Our Crap “course” I’ve been involved in. And I’m going rogue with this particular assignment. I’m supposed to be following up with comments I made on the class site about someone else’s blog, but I’m going to write about comments I made on the site and the blogger who helped me and the ones who didn’t. I’m also going to take this opportunity to review the course.

Though I’ve gotten some things out of it, I don’t like dirty motives. Hey, maybe we’re all looking to push something. I’ll even look to push this article on social media because I have much more important things to say and I want to be heard, but I’m not looking to sell you anything . . . especially not a crappy, over-priced product.

As follows is the conversation I’ll be writing about, and then an explanation. Author’s notes will be bolded and italicized. Also, the links to these posts cannot be seen unless one is in the class.

Post #1/first post:

@rootjosh@samjhamdy@bruceallen@2020hinessight (Erica) @sonyca I got on a different laptop and my blog did not recognize me. I could not get in. Furthermore I could not get in here to write this message even though I was trying to go in through the emails. I just changed themes by accident (long story) and none of my widgets will configure. I’m doing the exact same things and they just don’t show up so I don’t have a profile page to log in to. It won’t let me make one. It says everything is okay and then nothing shows up on my blog. I had spent hours configuring everything too. How do you get into you blog from another computer (or this class if you forgot everything–I have a lot of email addresses they just are set to route to two places)?

The five people I addressed call themselves “Happiness Engineers” (Baahaa). They are there to answer questions, give feedback, and generally give support, according to them. None of them answered this post. It is @rootjosh that emails the assignments to us each day. He occasionally writes a post addressed to everyone, as well. I have never seen the other four present, nor have I seen any of them give any individual support, leaving the individual to fend for themselves. The point of any course is to learn and one MUST have some kind of instructor. What is the point of this course IF it’s not really about learning? Just . . . what if . . .it’s not . . .what if . . .

Post #2:

Hi Laura,
Have you tried going to the “old fashioned” Dashboard,, to get in? Be sure to use the credentials that you used to set up the WordPress account.

Now @Ludwig, at least in my world, is a tech/computer genius. Just check out his blog This ‘n That. It is so full of great online tips, I can’t get to them all fast enough. What a blessing that he stepped in to help! Thank you, thank you:) But where were my “Unhappiness Engineers?” And what is Blogging 101 really about if it does not really carry the support system one needs? We’ll get to that . . .

Post #3:

I can’t. There’s nothing up top. How would I get to it?


16 thoughts on “Watch Out For Blogging University 101 of Hidden Selling

  1. Laura Cereta

    Awesome to have you back and thanks for the support!:) I just reading a few random post on there after I posted this assignment with the link and it was people frustrated that they couldn’t put their blogs together. Both addressed Josh. Um, good luck. It’s bs, really. And NOW I’m going to pay you a visit, lol.


  2. Anna

    It’s always interesting to read different views on things. I must admit, I’m actually finding the structure of the course really interesting and I’m building up my blog slowly. I didn’t even notice an angle that encouraged purchasing anything (I just filtered so I only looked at the free layouts etc).

    Not sure if I’m naive or not, but I hope you do get something interesting out of the project at the end!

    Liked by 3 people

  3. Laura Cereta

    So do I. I’ve just been increasingly frustrated with the lack of support, and with watching others so frustrated–and even desperate–with the lack of support. Then I lose all my material over some odd change in themes when he had just talked about looking into new themes a day ago and I can’t get an answer on a question and it finally hit me that they were just looking to make money. There was no personal investment from anyone.


    • Anna

      Fair enough. I guess I’m lucky – the only questions I had got responded to pretty promptly. Financial gain must be an incentive, but I’m kind of oblivious to that (upselling has never worked on me). I’m all for voicing your opinion, popped back to see what comments you got! Will have to check out the Commons and see how it went there 😉


  4. FletchWolf

    Mein Got!!! We appear to have a mutiny on our hands … driven by the Warrior Goddess @laura_cereta who is Keepin’ It Real and leading the Bloggers Revolution.

    I haven’t had that many problems and I don’t expect a lot of personal attention since it seems like there are about 3,000 lost souls on The Commons … but I really, really enjoy a good rant. I rarely do it (because those things live forever) but I am notorious within my organization for the “email smackdown” to those who dare offend my pet peeve … people who are rude to my staff. They can be rude to me because I unapologetically charge them a lot of money and then tell them what to do. But if they are rude to my staff, well, then I go all @laura_cereta on them.

    But, I digress.

    I hereby do pledge my troth to the Warrior Goddess @laura_cereta and join her mighty Bloggers Army. We shall hunt down the Happiness Engineers on the High Plains of Argon and batter them with our snarky comments, demands for excellent customer service, Widget Perfection and Theme Support. We shall see if they have a sense of humor and, if we determine they do not, then we shall hold them down and forcibly install one a la’ The Matrix. And, just for fun, we shall also install martial arts instruction and then wait for them to begin engaging each other with Taekwondo and Drunken Style Kung Fu.

    (So, why is a perfectly good word like unapologetically being marked as misspelled here? Yet another insult to the senses. The Google says it is spelled correctly! This injustice will not stand, man!)

    To the Happiness Engineers … if you find yourself blogging alone with the sun on your face then do not be troubled … because you are in Elysium … and your credentials have already been revoked!!! (Extra points if someone can identify the movie from which that bastardized quote was ripped.)

    Viva la mort! Viva la guerre! Viva la Sacra, Boggeraires!!!! (Double extra points to the first Frenchman or lithesome Frenchwoman who can translate that and tell our little insurgency the origins of our motto.)


    Dread Pirate FletchWolf
    Field General
    (Triple extra points to the Blogger Warrior who can identify the provenance of the obscure cultural reference from which I derived my nom du Guerre.)

    P.S. Join the Bloggers Revolution!!!

    P.P.S. That is all.


  5. The Dog Rules

    I can SO relate to your rant. When I did the course about 1 1/2 years ago I had a very similar experience with trying new themes and losing all my work for a theme I didn’t like and hadn’t intended to activate. At that time I got the same amount of support from the then course “happiness engineers” as you have received in this one. (I have been one of the lucky people this round and had a question answered. I feel so blessed.) Go get ’em! and remember: Never bite when a growl will do

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  6. Remember Me

    Hi Laura I’m back again on my Lap Top now as Maureen sleeps on the couch. My friend Kate has often been targeted on Social Media for speaking out . So have I on the one of same Sites, with wise sparks always waiting to pounce. Keep at it my friend. Just returned to the debate: interested to see what happens next.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Laura Cereta

    Apparently, I’m getting an earful on The Commons, even though I ask the particular blogger to please comment at my site and not there, due to the sensitive nature of the topic.He/she would rather ream me out over there. I think the words are narc me out, lol.


  8. Laura Cereta

    I saw someone else get an answer so this is what I wrote: Laura Cereta Now:
    “Seriously? YOU got an answer? OK now I’m making a discrimination claim–my name must sound like a minorities, a females, an LGBT’s, one w/ a disabilities, or one over age 40. (Did I get everything?)” Also, did anyone notice our over-the weekend task–it started with, “once you’re set on your theme . . .” or something to that nature. AGAIN with the theme, making people go, “AM I set on my them?” “Do I need to change my theme?” “Maybe I should just spend that 70 bucks on that oh-so-great (haha) theme.”


  9. jansenphoto

    Great write-up of your experience in this post! While I hope that you get much improved service from what you have experienced thus far, I also hope that the attitude in your blog doesn’t change! It’s great to read posts that have some fire to them, and I will definitely keep looking for your posts!

    I agree with you that paying for a theme is not something that I want to do, unless the blog is going to make me money; when I searched for a theme, it took a bit of effort to weed out all the paid themes. I went for the default WordPress 2016 theme because I can’t see fancying things up until I really understand what I’m doing. Of course, that does mean that I get to debug WordPress’ code 🙂 I guess we’re living on the edge.

    Keep at it!



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