The Steps To How This Blog Came To Be

liar liar


liarliar2                                            HER VARIOUS GRAVATARS ONCE SHE STOLE THE SITE.

It all started with a forum named Common Ground Politics and a 2008 run by the first viable female candidate to run for President in United Sates history. There was a back room where we strategized that the rest of the forum couldn’t see. It was by invite only.

I jumped in with both feet. I ran around to Texas, North Carolina, Washington DC to protest Florida’s lack of primary votes and eventually to Denver to storm the streets in protest. Hillary had long thrown in the towel; I had not. I was still in law school, young, and idealistic.

The forum split as some got in line with the Dems and Obama and others did not. I didn’t. I couldn’t. The pain was too fresh–I was beat up from the meanness and unrelenting sexism and caucus cheating I witnessed with my own eyes in TX.

Over the summer I got to know a woman named Lady Lazuras. It actually turned out to be Professor Lynn Langmade ( @llangmade ) though she was weird about her identity. We ran a business together and she STILL kept her name from me. I allowed her, too. Mistake #1. Looking back, there’s a million things I’d do differently and that is one of them.

I paid $600 for 6 months of server space and we started a website. We each had blogs on the site and mine was named . . . take a guess . . . 45ragestreet. I have explained the origin of the name before–after Sexton’s 45 Mercy Street. She maintained all real control of the site. Mistake #2. I brought these things up but she tried to argue and bullshit her way out of them.

She told me she had paid for the following 6 months and I believed her. Mistake #3. Three days before the payment was due, something told me to check on the account. In fact, no payment had been made and my credit card was about to be charged. I wrote her an email because I didn’t have her phone #. Mistake #4.

She cut me out of all social media sites, took control of the site and never spoke to me again. I wrestled back control of the site with the help of my web master, even taking control of her domain name for a short period. in the meantime, I crashed her Twitter account, found out she’d been kicked off the forum and learned all her personal information. I. WAS. MAD.

She fought me, even having police call my phone and giving them my private information. What a snitch. Can’t handle you’re own problems? You started it by committing the cardinal sin–lying about money to your business partner.

Last year I started another site by this name but found it too hard to keep up; I was working such long hours, so recently, while watching a friend do it, I’ve decided to try my hand at blogging, but of course I had to use the same name. I own the domain and will continue to do so. It defines me. It IS me. And while I have many regrets, I learned a lot through the misadventures of how it came into existence.

One thought on “The Steps To How This Blog Came To Be

  1. Ludwig

    A tough way to learn. But please, don’t make mistake #5. Don’t let her continue to have power over you. Forget her. Move on. Don’t ever mention her again. — Who were we talking about?


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