Criminal Justice Reform

I would add almost nothing to this post except that the economic discrimination in the system is actually worse than the racial discrimination–though the two are intricately linked. Well done, Rick Cooley.

And shame on my Florida Governor Rick Scott, for changing the clemency laws Charlie Crist worked hard to get through the state senate. Now in FL, a person must wait FIVE YEARS from the end of their probation or parole period, or their release from incarceration, before having their basic rights restored. A shameful move with a clear political agenda.

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For years now, many both inside and outside of government have decried the inequities and injustices visited upon our populace by our inappropriately named “criminal justice system”. Punishment not befitting the nature of crimes people have been convicted of, inequality in terms of who is being convicted and how they are being sentenced and how people are being treated by our economic and political system once they are released from incarceration are three of the main problems identified as leading to massive injustice within our society as a whole.

Factors involving race and economic status have led to an inordinate proportion of members of racial minorities (most notably African Americans) and economically disadvantaged individuals being caught up in a seemingly unending cycle perpetuating racial, socio-economic and political inequality. Some people find themselves at an obvious disadvantage when facing treatment under the laws of the land which keeps them and their…

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