Every part of this post touches my life in some way–letting your guard down, learning to trust, letting people in, looking past flaws, relationships and expectations, and the undercurrent of all of this–FEAR. Give it a read and see how much of it relates to your life!

From The Inside Out

“How is one supposed to know when to trust someone versus when to stay guarded? How is one supposed to evaluate the risk of establishing a relationship? Will it be worth it? Will I get hurt? Geesh. Who the hell knows? I think I tend to be guarded; it takes awhile for me to get close to someone. In a way, I think it has saved me from a lot of heartache; but I also think that being guarded has prevented me from establishing a lot of relationships that could have turned out to be wonderful. Sometimes, I get mad at myself for not letting my guard down. Perhaps, if I let my guard down, I’d have more than…like, four friends.”

      -L. Postaski to Michelle Postaski; letter, dated 01/23/16

I am sure I am not the only one who can relate to what my sister (L. Postaski)…

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