‘You’re an a*shole!’: Florida woman publicly shames Gov. Rick Scott for anti-abortion bill

Source: ‘You’re an a*shole!’: Florida woman publicly shames Gov. Rick Scott for anti-abortion bill

I HAD to publish this. It’s about time the women of Florida spoke out against sexist Rick Scott. Mad props to 39-year-old Cara Jennings for saying ‘Enough is enough’ and letting him have it.

The exchange is amazing. He has no real comeback for anything she has to say to him. Scott recently completely defunded Planned Parenthood. He has significantly cut the budget for the Dept of Children & Families, meaning less people get EBT (food stamps), less people get insurance through Medicaid and less people get Welfare. They are also often disqualified for Obamacare as well, leaving them without insurance and expected to pay a fine for being as such.

Scott changed Crist’s new laws re-enfranchising felons and disenfranchised them completely for 5 years after they are released from prison, jail, parole, or probation. Yes, 5 years. That means someone found with one prescription pill not in their name and given a felony drug charge who has no other record, and is then put on a year of probation, upon completion of such probation may not rejoin their community for the next 5 years.

Scott has introduced and passed through the bright red state legislation bills restricting Roe v Wade. He hates women. He hates the impoverished. He is purposely trying to skewer the voting block of FL with criminal justice laws that are ridiculous. He hates minorities whom he is mainly effecting. He hates Democrats, which make up half the population of the state.

Watching someone tell him off was a great pleasure. Don’t miss this story!

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