My Monthly Memories For May

I’m writing this a few hours late but I thought what the hell . . .

Well, one of the glass ceilings was broken as a woman became the presumptive Democratic nominee.


Hillary the cat had a friend come over and play–Domino the dog. She was rather lukewarm to him.


I got new curtains for my bedroom.


My cousin Drew celebrated his one year of sobriety. I am so, so proud of him. On an unrelated note, my parents told me I was not invited to go on vacation to Vancouver with the rest of the family because I take too long to do my hair so I have stopped speaking to them completely.



My little brother contacted me for the first time in 7 months.


My alcoholic friend went psycho and after I kicked her out and bolted the door, she broke the door down and came running after me with the javelin-like piece in her hand screaming, “You stupid c*%@!” before hurling it at me. I got enough of the door closed that it hit the door.I haven’t turned her in. Yet. I hate putting people in the system, even though she’s already there for punching her boyfriend in the face. The case is pending.


I’ve worked A LOT!!! I haven’t had time to blog or tweet. I didn’t even know the NBA finals were going on. I feel kind of disconnected from the world. A lot of work is better than no work, though;)

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