SoCS: Stream of Consciousness Saturday…in that one second…

***This post is part of SoCS: ‘Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “second.” Use it any way you’d like. Have fun!’ (Hill, Linda G., 7/22/16)***

The first thought that came to my mind regarding the word ‘second’ was second place and my childhood. The swim meets, basketball games, volleyball games, all sports played at a competitive level at a high priced, snooty, private Christian school. But we didn’t come in second place. I didn’t come in second place. It’s all about the win.

My mind has moved on to that one second two nights ago that–that half a second, really–where I stepped the wrong way.

Déjà vu is coming upon me because last week I wrote if I had basically just taken a minute to do something else, my back wouldn’t be injured, and today if I had not just stepped the wrong way in that second my face wouldn’t look like this:


That was my Instagram sent out, minutes before the doc put the 4 stitches in. I’m about to launch into my defense of how this is not my fault. I have a lot of defenses as to how my beat-up body is “not my fault” but give me a break, I was a defense attorney for years. I’ll defend any argument if I believe in it and the price is right. (Not now, my work is a little different now.)

OK, but this is REALLY not my fault!!! By idiot roommate decided to charge his motorcycle battery, which was on the porch, by running a HUGE cord through the nearby window, right in front of the front door, and behind the entertainment center. And then not tell anyone. Had I stepped left or right or just a little bit ahead in that second I walked in the front door, I wouldn’t have tripped over it, smashed face-first into the entertainment center and ended up with 4 stitches, a mild concussion, and two black eyes.

Silver lining: I will be doing no official business for the rest of the week and can watch the whole #DemsinPhilly. Yay! It’s an historic event and I’m hoping it to be a very positive one. They could bring circus clowns in with AK47’s to shoot each other and it would still be better than the #RNCinCLE. That’s all for today, folks. Wow, this piece was weird . . .

2 thoughts on “SoCS: Stream of Consciousness Saturday…in that one second…

  1. Laura Cereta

    Thanks, Rick, I already do I just don’t look a lot better. Shiners are ugly and take a long time to heal. It always helps when you see your friends and the first comment out of one of their mouths is, “Who hit you? Were you guys talking about politics? You can get really aggressive with that, you know?” I just sighed. Lol;).


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