SoCS: Roommates suck!

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “ex.” Find a word that includes “ex” and base your post on it. Have fun!


There is huge business around here renting out rooms. I intermittently rent out a room or two myself but always end up regretting it. Then I do it again. My current tenants hate my cat. They are allowed to hate my cat but they must do so quietly. Let’s put it this way, they are moving out in a few weeks because they bothered me so much about the cat.

They are a couple and the woman (girl) in particular was obsessive, and I mean completely and totally obsessive, about extra cat hair delusions. Yes, my cat sheds. But she is not a long-haired cat–please check the rest of my blog for pics of #hillarythecat–and the shedding is minimal. I’m also a clean person. However, every morning before I could even get out of bed this woman was sweeping up imaginary extra cat hair on the floor and SLAMMING the broom against my door. Obviously, she wanted to live in the street.

I asked her to please stop (through her boyfriend–they’re Brazilian and for months she pretended she couldn’t speak English when she can) and I would drag myself up at 6am to sweep up human hair. We lose extra hair by the hundreds every day and I got to sweep it up along with very little cat hair.

Then she said (through her boyfriend) that she saw cat hair on the bar and didn’t want to eat her breakfast near it. She wanted my poor animal to stay in my room all the time and suffer because her breakfast was being ruined by extra hair. When I told her that absolutely was not going to happen, she started crying and the boyfriend said they were moving out because she was crying.

The crying was enough to just about unnerve me. I ask, loudly, did she have any idea how over half the world lived on less than a dollar a day? Did she know the excesses we enjoyed in America? She must have an idea since she’d bothered to leave her own politically-torn up country to get a work visa and come work here. It was to earn extra money, right? Did she have ANY concept of how many people in this world died by starving to death every single day? How many children? How many people would eat her breakfast on top of cat hair, dog hair and trash?

By this time, I was getting up at 6 am and cleaning the entire house from extra, half imaginary cat hair. I also noticed the girl rearranging her things under the bathroom sink on a daily basis and gave her a layman’s diagnosis of OCD. One day her boyfriend and I got in a huge fight and he said he had her as a witness for something. I retorted that she didn’t understand a word of English. She snapped back in perfect English that she understood English. I’m glad she understood my rant about US excesses.

Suffice to say, the guy became very verbally abusive and sexist during this argument so I gave them a notice to move out and went back to my normal, sane cleaning schedule. I also told her if she woke me up by hitting my door with a broom, she would lose her “broom privileges.” Now she lives with extra cat hair until pretty soon she’ll live somewhere else.


9 thoughts on “SoCS: Roommates suck!

  1. Courtney

    Oh, yuck. Drama. Okay, I wish for you to have more compatible roommies in the future, ones who adore cats. I have a cat too. She sheds constantly. Found you by googling your name + stream of consciousness. Did you know there is a famous Laura Cereta from the middle ages? If you get a chance on Disqus, please update your profile and include your blog link… It’ll be easier for other people on Disqus to reciprocate comments if they wish.)

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  2. AngryRantBlogger

    My gosh! I hope you have better luck with roommates next time. My ex roommate was an absolutely NIGHTMARE. I have a much better one. Then again I could’ve had a endless crying hyena for a roommate and it would’ve been than my ex roommate. Ugh. Anyways, GOOD LUCK!

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