Yes, I had a first this last 2 weeks: the worst migraine I’ve ever had in my life. It went on for 3 days crippling me, making me as useless as the Trump transition team. When it was finally over, a day later another came on and I went to the doctor who gave me a shot and some relief for a little while. Now I am going daily to the doctor for shots for migraines because I am terrified for this country.


They have already declared war on me and every other woman in this country and I’ll have you know I declare war back. That’s right. I believe in equality and if I have to hack at patriarchy one person at a time I’ll do so. I’m one Nasty Feminist.

not-my-president                                                                              basketofdeplorables

#Groper-in-Chief elect, Trump Putin is #notmypresident and I have nothing else to do with his #BasketOfDeplorables. Just for the record:


Since I was a teenager, Hillary became my feminist icon, and she was so, so worthy of being the first female president. She was so over-qualified if there’s such a thing. There are 5 swing states where the exit polls don’t match the results just like they do in all the other states. And we’ll leave the fact that the FBI is out of control for another day. #AuditTheVote.

Please . . . #AuditTheVote

2 thoughts on “SoCS:#AuditTheVote

  1. herheadache

    As useless as a Trump transition team. Haha. But I am sure your head pain is not funny at all. Headaches are awful and even more so when they are brought on by a guy like that and those he’s assembling around him. I so wish Hillary would have won too, for your country and for our entire world, as what we now have is unacceptable. She was over qualified, as anyone who was not ridiculous about what they expected from a woman vs a man could see. Ridiculous. Just ridiculous. I hope your headache goes away, but with the next four years at least, there may be many more to come, for us all.

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