Dear Hillary

You told us we needed a champion in the White House. We still do. You promised you would fight for us if we fought for you. We NEED you to fight now; to dare to compete.

In 2004, I was part of a group that pushed for you to be president but you were not ready to run. I was only age 21. In 2008, after it became clear your primary victory wouldn’t be a shoo in, I had invested years and yeas in my education, earning two BAs, an MA and was in my last year of law school, but I dropped my semester to run around the country for your campaign.

I will never forget my shock at the blatant sexism and out-right caucus cheating I witnessed during that campaign. Since neither you nor Obama had secured the amount of required state delegates to win the primary, despite the fact you suspended your campaign, I worked all summer on setting up a brokered convention. I was in Denver protesting when you nipped that in the bud. I defiantly went to see you stump for President Obama in Tampa wearing a shirt that said Country Before Party. I slept better at night while you were Secretary of State, feeling safe in the job you would do. I have an autographed copy of your book Hard Choices.

When 2015 rolled around, I started fighting again , participating in every way possible, hoping against hope that you would run again. You were right that we needed a champion. I was on board with about 90% of your policy proposals. I fantasized about a prosperous and more inclusive country and what it would feel like the day you shattered that glass ceiling.

You asked me to fight for you so even when I was exhausted I made more phone calls, I canvassed, when you asked for more money, I gave you more money. The whole election was like living in some kind of twilight zone. The sexism and double standard were surreal, but I called out the press and fought the hatred on social media.


The day right after the election, sickened to my very core, I continued to fight. There are so many issues to look at–Crosschecking, voter suppression, flipping members of the EC, Russian interference, 87 voting machines crashing, 75,000 votes missing in MI, WI having counties with more presidential votes than registered votes, the need to #AuditTheVote with a paper count, testing the machines for hacking, the argument that the Electoral College is  unconstitutional. There are SO MANY PEOPLE fighting through all these issues for you, myself being one of them.

Hillary, I actually had to take a week off from politics because the idea of Donald Trump as president was weighing on me so badly. I was getting constant migraines and couldn’t function. I would have to go to the doctor every day and have him administer a shot to take away the migraine. Often they would return that evening.

I’be given you everything in me but I need you to be our champion RIGHT NOW. Our democratic leadership has been almost non-existent. +65 million people but their faith in you.

PLEASE challenge the election results to the Supreme Court. PLEASE challenge the constitutional fairness of the Electoral College. When the founding fathers set it up, our country looked very different, plus it’s not being used as they intended anyway.

You WON this election. Fight for that victory. Dare to compete.

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