#SoCS: My Men

There is a man in my life I love dearly but he has me blocked off everywhere. Ironically, it’s because of my last SoCS post. I have found out some news; some wonderful, exciting, thrilling news and I want more than anything to have this man open the doors of communication again.

There’s a man in my life whom I don’t know where we’re headed. We care about each other. I’ve kept our relationship very private and it’s gone on for a long time now. He’s witty and egotistical. Enduring and exasperating. I’m sure I am worse;)

There’s a man in my life I’ve always known. I will never meet his standards or have his approval and the heart-break of that cannot be articulated. This man and I bump heads on almost everything. If I block him for a while, he is nice but it doesn’t last. He talks to me in a way he relates to no one else, disrespects me, uses me as his trashcan. I am just as mean, I’m sure.

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Scrambled eggs, tortillas, and salsa

This left me speechless in that raw, horrified, dead way. Do not miss out on it.



Mike was sentenced to fifty years to life for stealing $200 from a convenience store.  Mike was a Jehovah’s witness.  Mike was my cellee.  And Mike was sick.

When I first moved into the cell with Mike, I wasn’t sure what to think.  He was old, at least he looked it.  He walked with a cane and slept with a CPAP strapped to his face.  Other than his apnea, Mike didn’t really know what was wrong with him and the prison doctors certainly didn’t know either.  What he did know was that it was getting progressively harder for him to walk each day.

When I moved in, Mike had already been waiting six months for the “emergency” transfer he so desperately needed which would house him in a medical facility where he might get better treatment. A bed had been made available at a medical prison a few months earlier…

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