#SoCS: My Men

There is a man in my life I love dearly but he has me blocked off everywhere. Ironically, it’s because of my last SoCS post. I have found out some news; some wonderful, exciting, thrilling news and I want more than anything to have this man open the doors of communication again.

There’s a man in my life whom I don’t know where we’re headed. We care about each other. I’ve kept our relationship very private and it’s gone on for a long time now. He’s witty and egotistical. Enduring and exasperating. I’m sure I am worse;)

There’s a man in my life I’ve always known. I will never meet his standards or have his approval and the heart-break of that cannot be articulated. This man and I bump heads on almost everything. If I block him for a while, he is nice but it doesn’t last. He talks to me in a way he relates to no one else, disrespects me, uses me as his trashcan. I am just as mean, I’m sure.

There is a man in my life who loves me very much. He has been willing to do anything for me. But he loves others I don’t get along with so sometimes I don’t trust him.

There is a man I have great respect for professionally. He is a trailblazer. A skilled master at what he does and I watch his work carefully; look to him for guidance and inspiration often.

There is a man who has stepped into the void that has appeared in my life. He’s the man chosen by someone I loved who is now deceased. He is family to me as if he were my own flesh and blood.

There is a man who is suffering from the same afflictions that used to haunt me and it is hurting his family. I am disappointed and at the same time I’m worried and I care.

Relationships are hard. Today of all days I have had to face that.

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