#SoCS: Political Passion Hurts Feelings But Heals Communities


Any time I speak of politics I hear ‘you’re too intense.’ ‘You’re too controversial.’ ‘I’m not interested in politics any more.’ Well, buddy, politics is interested in YOU.

Medium.com recently deemed Nixon the worst President ever. However, less than 70 days into office, Trump and #russiagate are looking to be at Watergate level. Not to mention his trial for FRAUD was just given a final judgement and he must pay off $25 Million to the plaintiffs he defrauded with his fake Trump University. Meh. Who cares, huh?

What is wrong with people? Is this a qualified sitting President? One who rode the backs of the White Supremacists, Evangelicals and uneducated Whites into office (now there’s an interesting mix…or are they so different? Hmm…).

Was this election legitimate? I highly doubt it. I mean, who did your voting machine vote for? We still don’t know the depths of Russian interference. We know the Bernie Bros were played like drug suckers in a club trying to get laid. We have pics of Jill Stein in Moscow sitting at a table with Flynn and Putin. We know the Trump campaign was actively involved in the hacking. We know Pence was Putin’s personal choice. We know Trump was and still is surrounded by #KremlinCohorts. We know James Comey took it upon himself to violate the Hatch Act and we know the whole Benghazi committee was a big political ploy. We know MSM literally talked about Hillary’s emails for over 600 days straight.

Stein and Putin1

I know I feel cheated out of seeing the first woman President smash the glass ceiling and seeing a highly qualified person not living and working in the White House. And any person who turns on the news knows there’s been absolute chaos ever since.

People in my life want to make off-hand political comments and then don’t want to hear the real story. If you bring up politics around me, be ready to get an earful. As a woman, and a die-hard feminist, one of the most basic feminists tenants is ‘the personal is political.’ I’m concerned with the politics of my body, my community, my county, my state and my country. They all affect every area of my life and I consider it my duty to stay knowledgeable on as much as absolutely possible. It’s the same way I encourage people to know their state statutes and county ordinances.

I’ve never seen anything scarier and crazier in my lifetime. And I’ve never seen anything more hopeful. I’ve never watched and taken part of so many protests. The next is the Tax March coming April 15th. Already 42 cities have protests planned that will involve going by their post office and dropping post cards in to Trump at the White House, demanding he release his tax returns. If you don’t have a march near you, at least drop off a post card on the 15th. All details can be found at the link.

I’m a proud member of #TheResistance. We already have victories under our belt and we are in it to win it.                     


Happy Saturday.

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2 thoughts on “#SoCS: Political Passion Hurts Feelings But Heals Communities

  1. Laura Cereta

    Certainly an important point, Jami. And education is not only important, it is the first step. Unfortunately, education of basic politics is not the number one place this country is in right now; resistance of tyranny IS.


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