Where Can Democrats Go In The Face Of Hate?

What I have seen in the last week has shock me. And given me even more hope. It took an Alt-right/KKK rally to wake up the Millennials, along with many more, that it’s TIME. Time to get involved with politics and ones’ community.

But where does one go, so many are asking? How can we combat the hate from the party of fraud, dishonesty, condonement of sexual assault and incest, whom stands for nothing and no one anymore? And now the party complicit to discrimination on a heart-breaking level.

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#SoCS: Jesus Is A Democrat

I keep harping on something, going over and over something in my head, and continuing to verbally process to the point that I’M VERY SURE everyone is fed up with hearing it. I cannot guess what went through the minds of the 80%, YES, THAT’S EIGHT ZERO PERCENT, of self-described Evangelicals who voted for 45. 

What. The….?? What did I miss? What did they miss? That automatically checking (R) is a good idea because Dems are “evil”? Evil feminist who want to break up families, love abortions, want to turn people into lesbians (*gasp*) and quite possibly burn their bras. 

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#SoCS: Political Passion Hurts Feelings But Heals Communities


Any time I speak of politics I hear ‘you’re too intense.’ ‘You’re too controversial.’ ‘I’m not interested in politics any more.’ Well, buddy, politics is interested in YOU. recently deemed Nixon the worst President ever. However, less than 70 days into office, Trump and #russiagate are looking to be at Watergate level. Not to mention his trial for FRAUD was just given a final judgement and he must pay off $25 Million to the plaintiffs he defrauded with his fake Trump University. Meh. Who cares, huh?

What is wrong with people? Is this a qualified sitting President? One who rode the backs of the White Supremacists, Evangelicals and uneducated Whites into office (now there’s an interesting mix…or are they so different? Hmm…).

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