Dear Hillary

You told us we needed a champion in the White House. We still do. You promised you would fight for us if we fought for you. We NEED you to fight now; to dare to compete.

In 2004, I was part of a group that pushed for you to be president but you were not ready to run. I was only age 21. In 2008, after it became clear your primary victory wouldn’t be a shoo in, I had invested years and yeas in my education, earning two BAs, an MA and was in my last year of law school, but I dropped my semester to run around the country for your campaign.

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Yes, I had a first this last 2 weeks: the worst migraine I’ve ever had in my life. It went on for 3 days crippling me, making me as useless as the Trump transition team. When it was finally over, a day later another came on and I went to the doctor who gave me a shot and some relief for a little while. Now I am going daily to the doctor for shots for migraines because I am terrified for this country.


They have already declared war on me and every other woman in this country and I’ll have you know I declare war back. That’s right. I believe in equality and if I have to hack at patriarchy one person at a time I’ll do so. I’m one Nasty Feminist.

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The DWR Feminist Quote of the Day – On Objectification

I love what one commenter, Sha’Tara, said, ‘One thing I do know: men need us, and because of that, they fear us.’ She talked about inventing ourselves outside of patriarchy, as power and control is THEIR thing. DEMEANING and BELITTING women trying to take back some of that power with their own sexuality is a patriarchal (and sexist) thing, too. We can use our sexuality to show we are equal but it is true we will always be ‘exploited for male consumption.’ During National Go Topless Day, the classy Break wrote, ‘ let’s not pretend they are going to convince any men this is about gender equality. All we see are tits,’  (Richard Parsons). You see my point, right?

Dead Wild Roses

legtable“there’s no such thing as “taking control” of being objectified. the women who say that through stripping or other forms of performative sexuality they are regaining control of their own objectification aren’t understanding the concept of control. control is gained through power, power is systematic and industrialized, power is not a feeling. you can feel good while you’re being objectified, or you can feel bad, but realistically that changes nothing about the exchange: the woman being exploited for male consumption. “

Found on ‘Yourkinkisnasty’ tumblr.

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